Demonstrating the Beauty of Saving water and other natural resources.

At Plant Picasso our primary concern is the conservation of water. We are able to accomplish this by designing and installing "California Friendly" Plantscapes, which offers a natural solution to the high cost and pollution of traditional "mow and blow" landscaping.

Plant Picasso designs combine art and science to enhance the aesthetics qualities, economic value and energy efficiency of your home.

The benefits of these designs are not limited to property owners and managers but to the community at large and our environment. Designed in harmony with the surrounding environment, we utilize beautiful succulents and other "less than thirsty" companion plants. Coupled with state of the art irrigation equipment and strategies Plant Picasso
provides their clients a spectacular, sustainable, low maintenance landscape alternative.

Few plants are so sculptural and make such a statement in the landscape. With Plant Picasso Designs, your garden will become an open air gallery of three dimensional ever changing art.

With Plant Picasso you can have the rainbow and save the rain!

Plant Picasso Rocks!....and Plants!


CA$H2O™ - California water is money

FRE$H2O™ -Saved water is free

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